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Customised software that streamlines your formwork processes and workflows.

Manage your projects, people and equipment with one platform for a more efficient business.
  • Improve safety through easy-to-use interfaces for operator compliance.
  • Greater efficiency through essential information added in real-time.
  • Reduce costs by improving billing accuracy and systems that minimise administrative errors.


Simplify and accelerate your payroll and invoicing.

Transform your field data and site paperwork into digital forms to streamline onboarding, cost coding, and payroll. Automated alerts on project activity for all stakeholders means fewer unexpected surprises.

  • Automated payroll covering awards, overtime, benefits, and EBAs.
  • Real-time reports with hourly/daily/weekly data for better workforce management.
  • Project claims quickly and accurately for better cash flow.


Enhance communication and visibility to achieve maximum compliance.

Cloudcon seamlessly connects all your systems, creating a single source of truth for improved communication.

  • Internal and external stakeholder alerts for faster resolutions.
  • Improved productivity by identifying bottlenecks and areas where work is getting delayed.
  • Project compliance and quality for improved accountability and ISO, CCF or other third-party accreditations.


Deliver projects on time and to budget.

Digital site diary gives you an instant overview of project financials covering people, subcontractors, equipment and materials.

  • Stay informed about your labour expenses with real-time cost control.
  • Forecast your project progress to reach the next milestone from the site or office.
  • Purchase orders and requisitions from mobile devices to reduce data entry time and speed up cost allocations.

...and lot's more!

Cloudcon comes packed with features to empower field and office staff

Pay employees accurately and on time thanks to digital timesheets and an intelligent payroll engine. Integrates with all accounting packages.


Easy allocation and scheduling of Crew, Machinery and Subcontractors with a push notification engine.

Quality & Safety

Manage everything health, safety, environment, quality and sustainability quickly, efficiently, effectively in one place.

Invoices & Accounts

Get paid faster and boost cashflow. What used to take days now takes minutes with streamlined invoicing, accounts, and procurement.

HR/Workforce Management

HR team member matrix dashboard for all key information from induction, skills, training and expiry alerts.

Digital Forms

Simplify the process of filling out and collecting all your forms with automated HSEQ, SWMS, and JSA workflows.

Project Cost Centre

Instant oversight of all projects with live data on cost, variations and profitability per project, including velocity measurement data reporting.

Real-time Reporting

Customisable reports with hourly/daily/weekly data for better decision-making.

Daily Shift Allocation

Quickly and easily log the time and activity of your resources into a site diary and see daily effectiveness. All details are captured and fed into reports.

Digital Prestarts

Speed up prestarts without sacrificing detail. Customisable checklists that can be completed on a mobile by anyone, anywhere.

Single Source of Truth

Realtime data provides your team with an accurate, single source of truth. Everyone has the same project data whether they’re out in the field or in the office.

Fleet Management

Digital pre-starts, services and inspections. Work-orders for faults/preventative servicing. Integration with manufacturer and third-party GPS for location, fuel & SMU.

Build the platform of your dreams with extensive integrations

Cloudcon software seamlessly integrates with a wide range of systems used in the civil construction industry including ERP/CRM, Accounting, GPS, Telematics and more.

Additionally, we can develop custom integrations tailored specifically to your internal systems.

We’ve increased our staff productivity levels by 30 per cent without increasing our admin staff.

Leon Gibb
Managing Director, Gunne Civil Constructions


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Frequently asked questions…

Is Cloudcon's software user-friendly for formwork teams?
Yes, Cloudcon software is designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring that your formwork teams can quickly adapt and benefit from it
Can your software provide detailed project management and cost control?

Cloudcon’s Civil Software can capture your project metrics and feed them into a consolidated cost centre. This gives you live and accurate data, including revenue v cost v budget on every project.

With Cloudcon Scheduler you can schedule and forecast crew/personnel and plant, with the ability to receive notifications on upcoming tasks.

Data reports can be made available to clients, stakeholders and management via PDF, Excel and CSV.

Can your software integrate with another custom provider?

Absolutely! One of the core beliefs we have here at Cloudcon is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you want to improve your processes.

This is why our team work closely with you to fully understand your requirements and the current systems in place.

We then develop your Cloudcon Civil Software to execute the best connection paths to integrate into your existing systems.

What support and training options are available for Cloudcon users?

Cloudcon offers comprehensive support and training resources to help users maximise the benefits of the software.

Do I have to have a minimum number of seats or users?

No. Cloudcon Civil Software has the flexibility to make life easier for one-person operations or a 500+ workforce, start-ups or fifth generation companies.

Wherever you are in your business, we’ll help you navigate to automation and the digital world.

Do you have a minimum sign-up term?

To make the most of your Cloudcon Civil Software team, it’s a minimum 12-month contract including design, implementation, handover and our industry-leading, ongoing support.

But as we’ve never lost a client, we know we’ll be working together for a lot longer.

Is Cloudcon software compliant with industry regulations in Australia?

Yes, Cloudcon software is designed to meet Australian industry regulations, ensuring that your formwork projects remain compliant.