Australian Civil Solutions (ACS) are a plant hire and civil services company that specialises in pipeline installation throughout Australia.

Australian Civil Solutions

Australian Civil Solutions’ challenge

Before engaging Cloudcon, ACS collected their wet-hire dockets and site forms using a paper-based process, and used a whiteboard to schedule employees and equipment.

Information was then manually extracted from these dockets and forms and transposed into excel for their invoicing and payroll.

How we solved their needs

Cloudcon built a site diary software that allowed ACS operators and site-based personnel to complete dockets and site forms via an operator-friendly mobile app.

The dockets and forms allow instant oversight on the days’ revenues and costs and enable ACS to complete their invoicing and payroll at the close of business.

Cloudcon also integrates with the business’ accounting system, which ensures all systems are up to date without additional administration time.

ACS also use the Cloudcon system to complete their operator prestarts, and fleet maintenance where they are alerted for upcoming services, registration and inspection expiries.

During the implementation, we tested many different ideas to achieve an optimal result for the ACS team. It was a collaborative effort with many design changes that have resulted in a ‘perfect fit’ for ACS with Cloudcon.

Cloudcon continues to develop their software with innovative features that help ACS reduce administration time and allows them to focus on their core business operations.

Cloudcon have continued to work with us to design and implement a perfect fit for our company. Their innovative features have helped us reduce our administration time, so we can focus on core business operations.

Tom Daly
Managing Director, Australian Civil Solutions
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